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It's exactly what is already happening with the unfocused, uninformed, general lockdowns that are being enforced in many countries.

You did not address the possibility that people at risk would volunteer to self isolate (which essentially deals with the legal issue of a focused approach, if such an issue exists anywhere). It's in their best interest, after all.

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Not even to save their lives? I'm sure many would volunteer.

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As a statistician, could you comment on the frequency of observing long term consequences? Death counts are pretty cut and dry, but in regard to consequences we mostly hear anecdotes. A follow up, how do these long term effects compare to the effects of other respiratory infections?

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How big is the intersection of people at risk from Covid-19 (based on reported hospitalization and mortality) and people who are in the workforce and lack a safety network? What percentage of grandparents take care of small children, what ages are the grandparents, and why wouldn't the parents take time off to take care of their children while their parents self isolate?

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I don't have the power, will or knowledge to give a value on a life, so I consider all deaths as deaths and they make sad all the same.

I feel that you are the wrong person to be in this session. You reject basic concepts of public health care and you bully the participants. Good day, and good luck.