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As someone who had this happen to my rape case in Tampa in 2013, is there any recovery here?

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I lived in Tampa for 6 years, I felt the culture was very "engage me appropriately or get out of my way," very dominant-seeking. The cops I encountered (as well as stories from friends) were almost always extremely aggressive even for minor instances expressing that you're wasting their time if you don't have hard-proof evidence and 5 people pointing fingers. When I called the non-emergency police phone to report a rape from 2 weeks before, they asked if I had physical evidence and I said no, they hung up. Twice.

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This is what I'm hoping to do too! I'm studying speech pathology but model now. Hopefully I can be in your shoes one day!

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Is there evidence that the mental health facilities that house the Baker acted-victims are profiting from the abundance of these cases?

I'm almost willing to think they push on the cops to act this way, similar to the push with private prisons and their threat of shutting down if they don't "fill up the beds."

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From what I've seen/heard, having a degree is a matter of showing you can go through all that hard work and learning (in the sense of "just earning your degree," that you may not need). Even if it's not entirely relevant to the job, it shows something about your intelligence/work ethic along with job experience. Plus gives you an extra bump when you can't get experience first.

My parents are decent examples of where it could lead you. My dad got his GED and was emancipated and is now CEO of a huge hotel company. He says when he would be hiring, 5 years work experience is preferred over a degree with NO experience. However, a degree with 2 years experience, according to him, is at least a better investment than the 5 years and no degree. The downside for him not having a degree though, he may be one of the most successful people in the hotel business, he's stuck and he wishes he could do something a lot different like realty, but with no degree he's stuck in the same type of job for a long time.

My mom has her Master's in nursing (which I know isn't "just earning you degree," deal but bear with me), but JUST started making more than my dad (probably because she got experience when she had her bachelor's). So, it took a lot longer for her to make good money, but now she's opened up a lot of opportunities for tenure, bonuses and quarterly raises. Although I'm using this one as a loose example, she has been able to apply for not only Nursing position on the floor, but office jobs that go on and on with different opportunities, and have a more stable position than my dad in his type of job 10 years ago.

I guess it can depend on the kind of person you are as well. My dad hates reading for long periods of time and would not do well with book work, but my mom is a huge "nerd" and we constantly research things just because we're curious. Hence who would do better in college.

I'm not saying this is the way it is, but just perspective on this matter.