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Consider a casserole? Casserole ingredients are typically easy to find, prep and put together for a yummy breakfast or dinner. A stir fry might be another way to go. Stir-frying is an easy cooking method. We have lots of great stir fry recipes on Tasteofhome.com – like Quick Ginger Pork Good luck and have fun in the kitchen!

I love homemade salads. In fact, for almost my entire career at Taste of Home I’ve been bringing in salads from home for lunch. I think arranged, composed salads are super eye-catching. Fill lettuce cups (Bibb or radicchio) with fresh cut veggies and addn’l torn lettuce that you’ve lightly tossed w/ some salad dressing. Arrange cups on a platter or dinner plate. Beautiful -and a fun/different way to eat a salad. I also love layering colorful salad ingredients in a jar for a make ‘n take lunch or dinner. Another way to make salads more appealing? Crack some black pepper and sprinkle w/ some kosher salt. Maybe even add fresh-grated lemon zest. I like a little onion on my salads so I bias-cut green onions and sprinkle those over, too.

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Julia, of course.

Anthony Bourdain.


I do like some of what Rachael Ray is all about.

And my Grandma LaVerne. My culinary favorite. :)

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Great question! Just a couple of weeks ago I was doing a DIY Delicious video for our Facebook page of a delicious recipe called the All-American Sheet Cake. What I loved most about this recipe? The frosting was just simply sweetened whipped cream - that's it! It was light and sweet (but not too sweet). So good. It would be great for cupcakes, too. This type of frosting won't hold up well outdoors in the sun, however. If you need a frosting that's going to withstand the heat - try a Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream. The cooked sugar will help stabilize the frosting.

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Hi! Oh, man. There are so many memorable kitchen moments. I made my own wedding cake -that was pretty memorable. My fiancee and daughter were out of the house and I was home alone. Cake pans and ingredients were everywhere! It was fun and very special to make it homemade. I also remember the good 'ole days when my daughter and I baked sweet treats together. (She's a teenager now so when she's in the kitchen - she's mostly eating!) I will never forget one of our first Test Kitchen Live broadcasts where our former lead test cook and I made a watermelon shark to celebrate Shark Week. I cut the watermelon incorrectly and was pretty horrified. But, I survived. What are you gonna do.

A life changing cooking tip? Rely on a good-quality digital thermometer to tell you when foods are cooked to your liking. I tell my family members -- don't fret! Just use a thermometer and save yourself the worry about whether you're over or under-cooking foods. I recommend ThermoWorks Thermapen.

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Chimichurri flank steak. Marinate the meat, grill it off, let it rest, slice it and give a good drizzle of chimichurri sauce over top. So easy to make - it doesn't take you away from your guests. Very delicious. Another idea is kebobs. The prep work is done ahead of time. Once the grill is ready - it doesn't take long at all!