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Great question! When I was eight years old they took me out to dinner, which felt special because I had lots of younger siblings and it was just me. They actually had pictures and charts with them, and explained it to me over chocolate cake and let me ask any questions. The shots didn't sound fun, but nothing too bad. Honestly I was kind of a science geek so it sounded kind of cool!

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Lol, I used to actually. I wrote an essay in high-school about Turners that started "XO does not stand for hugs and kisses."

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Totally fair question!! And believe me, I've asked if it's possible to skip it altogether! It actually doesn't have anything to do with having kids, it has to do, at first, with physical development, but then actually hormone regulation and replacement like this has to do with bone density. If I don't have periods, my chances of getting osteoporosis go way up. Dumb, right? ;)

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Not totally off base, actually! Turner syndrome often comes with something called Non-verbal learning disorder (raises hand) which can come with spatial awareness difficulties. My mom was told I'd likely need several tries to pass my drivers test, for example, and I was stubbornly proud when I did it on my first try (though barely!). I can drive and follow Google maps just fine, but am the WORST at remembering where I parked. That kind of thing!

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Oh yay I'm so honored!! And great question. This story worked best as middle grade, and really my author voice naturally falls into the middle grade voice. I guess I'll just always be an 11 or 12 year old at heart! Though I'd love to write YA one day.