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Some of those are legitimate comments, but the way you phrase your criticism make you sound like some old-man pothead who likes to hear himself talk.

I seriously didn't even read your post the first time because of all the emojis, largefont, and sad humor attempts. Maybe if you work on self editing, more people will listen to you. Otherwise, some good arguments here.

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Nearly 160,000 self help books are published per year. Americans annually spend $10,000,000,000 (yes billions with a b) on self help products. It's great that you've found some literature that's based on peer reviewed psychological research, but a handful of good books out of literally hundreds of millions-- that's terrible odds.

The person you responded to is absolutely right to be wary and to demand OP defend his product. Given his chosen genre, the possibility that OP's book is worth reading is about several hundredths of 1%. We know virtually nothing about OP's research techniques; he could have based his whole book on anecdotal cases and facetious stats.

That said, thank you for the book suggestions!

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Let's talk empirical evidence.

DBT was shown to be effective for treating patients with BPD.

DBT has not been proven effective for personality features such as interpersonal instability, chronic emptiness, identity disturbance, depression, suicidal ideation, survival and coping beliefs, or overall life satisfaction. DBT was no different in reducing depression than any other therapy.

Part of the problem here is that there are no large scale studies on the subjects above. I could be wrong, but I've only read a few studies with ~25 subjects, which are functionally useless. Do you guys have any planned research proposals to bulk up the evidence for DBT in non-BPD-related areas?

(Forgive the direct tone of this question, but any therapy that was "inspired by Zen Buddhism" has to be rigorously tested for efficacy.)

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This is the most telling comment. OP's app is unscientific bullshit.

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Can someone else provide some sources to verify all this? I don't know much about Roma and while this post sounds legitimate, I don't want to trust uncited information on a topic new to me.