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My friends parents have been talking about divorcing for about 8 years now because they literally have nothing in common. Her mom is a hard core mormon and her dad converted to be with her although he never really accepted the religion in heart. Well, apparently after about 7 years of being married he realised he hated everything about his marriage. Before they got married, she wouldn't sleep with him and was very by the book. But they talked about it a lot and she promised him more intimacy once they were married. But what he got was more of the cold/religion reasons. They had sex obviously to make my friend and her 3 siblings, which were also her idea as he only wanted 1 but decided to agree to more as he hoped it would make her more loving and soft. But it didn't. She's "worse" from his perspective and is getting more radical in her beliefs. She has kicked him out of the bedroom for being "disgusting", is now convinced her children are "sinners" because he wouldn't "fully convert" and is pretty much just thrown herself into her work to get away from her family. Her dad tries being sweet and taking her on dates but she just stares at him blankly and tells him she doesn't want to. My friend is convinced she's been having an affair as once my friend started working with her mom at the retirement home...she started noticing her mom's hours were wrong and she wasn't at work when she said she was. But she's in a weird spot because she doesn't want to break her dad's heart for nothing and say something that isn't true but anytime she tries talking to her mom about the discrepancies in the hours she says she's working..her mom just says she had to go with an at home patient to run errands. But she would be clocked in for that which she wasn't. I feel really bad for my friend but she insists everyone she knows from the church is like this. The women are hardcore religious and cold/by the book, while the men just kinda go along with it. Was your expiernece the same?

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I'm sorry your family suffered this way. I already have the paperwork and everything filled out that if I die I'm a DNR and my body goes to science. Organs get donated to those who need it and my body gets used for research. My son is only 2 so I haven't had anything set in stone for him yet but my husband and I decided if anything ever happened to him he will also be a donor as long as he is willing. If he states when he is older he doesn't want to that's fine...but if my sons loss could help someone else live...at least something good came out of it.... Again, I'm sorry for your loss...as a mother...i can't even imagine...