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i love how you guys made "hentai is art" into its own running joke. i feel like i have said it ironically as well as unironically many times.

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and went so far as to eat the laundry detergent.

can the bear survive this?

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I've recently been reading Golden Kamuy and found a new fear of bears.

  1. how scary was this? . It looks like a cool picture tho, how was the experience?

  2. How do you take care of a baby bear cub? How long does it take for them to grow too dangerous to keep around?

  3. What's the most fun/amazing animal to work with?

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looks at 4yo pictures in the link

no way, you looked like such a cute boy (no offence)

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since everyone is already making the hard questions because global warming.

i wanted to ask, what's the best part of your job?

have you pet a penguin?

what are the views of the native islandic people on the melting? are they worried because of the changes? or do they actually want a warmer place to live?