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Are there any promising treatments on the horizon? My understanding is that the chemo cocktails used have not had any significant advancements in some time.

I was diagnosed with Stage IIIb colorectal cancer in 2012. At my 5 year checkup, they found a small nodule in my lung from that same cancer. That was removed 2 years ago, and both my surgeon and oncologist are ready (if biannual tests this month show nothing concerning) to put me back on a more normal schedule for testing.

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I love the tools. They are exceptionally intuitive and responsive, considering how complex they must be under the hood.

My questions: You are basically defining the space as you go, being so far ahead of similar efforts. What has surprised you about how your service has been used? Did you expect so many people to use the tools for character visualization (as opposed to designing miniatures they plan to order)?

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There are endless ways to kill cells in a container. I'm curious about actual treatments in the works that are specific to colorectal cancer. If there is a magic bullet for general cancer treatments, it isn't sound waves. It will probably be something with CRISPR based technologies.

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I'm in agreement with those who say that the communication was less than it should/could have been. Inserting the information into the Token Maker text after the Portrait Studio stretch goal was met was less than ideal.

But those who use hyperbolic language like "dick move" or "screwed over" or comparing HF to EA? Those who insist that something was taken away from them, as if they had any right at all to it? I've no sympathy for them at all.

I personally used the transparent screen shot feature quite frequently. The current setup reduces my screenshot enjoyment a bit. I'm undecided about whether it is with $50/year for me to have access to all the stuff in Pro, but only because I've taken to printing and painting minis, and that sucks up my hobby time right now. If the tools are worth it to you enough to complain about, they are worth enough to pay for. HF isn't screwing you. HF is giving you an opportunity to buy a product you can not get anywhere else.

Finally, no company has any obligation, moral, ethical, or otherwise, to announce their business plans in advance to help their customers pay as little as possible.

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You should be getting, and your insurance should cover, colonoscopies starting at an age 10 years younger than when your close relatives were diagnosed. (I'm not a doctor, but that is my understanding). Were either of them tested for genetic predispositions?