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What has been the scariest find so far?

Any surprising discoveries? Like things you didnt mean to find.

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1) what kind of tonal system do they use, if any?

1.5) have you attempted to notate any of it?

1.75) have you discovered any instruments/techniques you've never seen before?

2) would you be interested in travelling in other places of the world to do the same thing? If so where would you go?

3) whats been your favourite piece of music so far?

I love what you are doing. I remember reading about a guy that travelled the world recording just the ambiences of places. I found that so magical because I've visted serene places and heard jothing but traffic and it sucks.

I think this is just as important. Western ears are too accustomed to 12 tones, and I hope that it doesnt envelop the whole world past our life times. It would be awesome to have more understanding? public use? of these systems that may(?) present a wealth of new music and genres.

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What was the age difference and species difference?

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I'm pretty sure in India they use micro tones, probably why sitars have so many frets. I remember also reading a book on Arabic music that highlighted different types of the music that used notes that exist only between our own 12.

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Very peculiar! Its amazing to think that some guy fired on those frets one day and then made music on it. Was the music a product of the instruments? Or were the instruments a means of playing the music and accompanying it?