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It is not uncommon for people to have awakenings through the night. Hopefully, they are brief and we fall back quickly. If very short, we have no recall. For many, waking at about 3am may be a problem because we have already slept fo a period of time and our body is starting to gear up for the day. We need a greater degree of relaxation at that time. So, avoid any stimulation at that time. Do not look at the clock? Avoid, if possible, worrying. On the other hand, if you start to worry about not sleeping, you will be in trouble. It is then time to get out of bed and do something you find to be relaxing. If you still have issues, then investigating CBTI (behavioral techniques may be helpful. Then you may address this with your PCP.

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The link between sleep and emotional state is interesting. Sometimes, our mood may determine our sleep, rather then the other way. For instance depression may lead to an increase in sleep need. A more precise reply would require a more detailed analysis.

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Yes, melatonin can be used on a regular basis.

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This can vary across students, but most probably ”7-9 hours. Unfortunately, many of our students and many of the adults tend to run on the sleep deprived side. Ultimately, the sleep need is determined by the total sleep in a 24 hour period that one needs to functional at an optimal level through the day.

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Certainly, maintaining a schedule has been a problem for many during the time of quarantine. A lack of exercise maybe a factor. For others, it may be the anxiety generated by the uncertainty of the quarantine. For some, there ma be a change in caffeine or alcohol consumption.