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"Petey brought home one sexy loser!"

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My brother committed suicide 3.5 years ago and this is exactly how it feels, except it hits you unexpectedly. A song on the radio, or a memory of them caused by something else. And then the darkness creeps in and the tears start. Even writing this now I have to blink the tears away. I think that "reflect the smallest amount of light you can find" is good advice. I hope that your life gets brighter and brighter. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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I mean, I get it. Solid effort but the content itself was flawed.

We can try again tomorrow.

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I love the thought of being able to create new constantly and love your ethics when it comes to it.

What is one feature that your client ask for that you thought was the most creative and unexpectedly awesome?

What standard features do you include in your pitch that are almost always used in the final plans?

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Do you see any way that we as a global community can ever overcome the influence of "reputation laundering" or public opinion manipulation?