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I'm a legal assistant in CA who has volunteered at public interest law firms before, most recently in Veteran's Affairs. Is their a firm or an organization in Southern California working in civil rights litigation and/ or public policy that you can recommend to me as a volunteer?

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How are you going to educate your constituents about McConnell's fundraising? I have read that the majority of his campaign contributions do not from Kentuckians but outside millionaires and billionaires who seek to influence local elections in your state. Isn't this relevant information for voters? How will you inform the rank and file Reblican leaning voters that Mitch represents these interests not their own?

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Content creators are often left out of the loop when it comes to the monetization of their product. How does the cooperative effort you promote protect an individual who makes significant, if not comprehensive contributions, from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous parties looking to poach?

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I once read "My Life in Orange," by Tim Guest where he chronicals growing up inside the Rasheesh cult. Cults have common themes 1) a belief that only they have the one True answer 2) isolationism and disdain/suspicion of outsiders 3) tendencies towards mass violence --be it poisoning the water supply or drinking the kool-aide or coercing young women into deviant sex acts.

Given these commonalities, can't we consider the True Believers who ignore basic health and safety measures, and who work to bully and intimidate their political opponents a massive right-wing death cult? And how do we de-program an entire population that's convinced their consparicies and chauvinisms are the Truth?

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Why is it that "anxiety and isolation," are suddenly hot topics when literally tens of millions of Americans already live with this condition. How come mental health only enters into public discourse when Joe Six Pack cannot watch the game on Sunday anymore? I have little sympathy for this "crisis " of isolation. This same public had ridiculed me for these exact same symptoms for 40 years. Why should anyone care about the privileged having a bad week?