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My brother in law is a landscaper and accidentally brought a machete in his carry-on on an international flight. He only found it when he got to the hotel. No shit security theater.

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I had facial reconstruction surgery several years ago and they had to lift all the tissue off the front of my skull from the orbits of my eyes down to my maxilla to put titanium plates in there. For a couple of years one side of my nose had the "pins and needles" sensation like when your foot falls asleep. I thought it would never go away but after about three or four years it did. Everybody is different, but it seems that over a long enough timeframe nerve damage will repair itself. Good luck to you.

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I was 20/200 without my glasses before I had lasik, and I can tell you first hand that 20/200 is nowhere close to safe to drive. Even if I went without my glasses or contacts for a day or two, I would never feel confident driving or even riding a bicycle like that. For those who don't know, that would mean a person is barely able to make out a stop sign from 50 yards and wouldn't be able to read the letters on it.

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I'm on a tug in AK right now, and last month we were getting limits every time we fished. My second mate is terrible with a fillet knife so we had a lot of extra meat left on some of our silvers. I'll tell you, when it's sliced real thin and you can tell there aren't any worms, and you bring a little bottle of soy sauce out on deck, that fresh raw salmon can be pretty darn good.

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Probably would have said the same thing when I was your age. I started the maritime academy when I was 18, sailed deep sea on containerships, tankers, bulk and break-bulk carriers, an ocean ferry and a Ro-ro. Then I noticed that all the guys around the chow table had been divorced multiple times and were sending money home to keep their daughters off the brass pole. When I got engaged, I came inland and got a job with a regular schedule and time at home.

I have friends my age (34) who didn't. And at this age they can't afford to sail deckhand for a year while they transition because they're upside-down on a house or they're too used to a certain lifestyle. My advise to you is to have a five and ten year plan and talk to your older coworkers. You're just starting out. Choose your own adventure and seek out challenges; don't pass on opportunities just because you get comfortable performing at one level.