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I am an unarmed security guard that worked in a variety of banks to be that first response for when people rob banks. So if you ever seen that commercial where someone robs a bank and everyone turns to the security guard and say, "I'm not a security guard. Im a security monitor", that's me!

My question: when you see a 3rd party officer, is what is your reaction and what do you to get around them? Does it make the robbery and easier.

Because I always said as soon as someone pointed a weapon or threatened my life, I was quiting right there.

SamwseTheBrave1 karma

I am a huge fan of Noah and almost everything you put out. I wear my black dad hat RELIGIOUSLY. I hope to see more shoe collaborations in the future (please help us size 13 big footers)

1) How are you maintaining to stay afloat during such a huge moment in world history?

2) Being one of the most transparent and outspoken companies in terms of price and where you get your products from, what made you want to be this open about Noah and where their products come from?