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I DID have to cry a lot. It was so specifically stated in the book and everyday on set Josh Boone, the director, said "looks like you gotta cry again". So there was a little bit of pressure (A LOT). On "The Fault in our Stars" it really wasn't all that hard--or at least it was easier than other times. I have two little 2 1/2 year old boys. I was playing a father to a child with cancer. That in itself is a pretty good setup. My heart goes so soft anytime I even think about my boys. In fact, I've become hyper sensitive to kids in general and I get emotional pretty easily when it comes to them. Even total strangers. I did some research of course and read blogs about kids who had had cancer or are still living with it. One boys' blog, Max Mikulak (www.maxsRingOfFire.org), was particularly beautiful and heartbreaking. I feel like I got to know his family. Anyway, there are a lot of sad and inspiring stories out there and so it wasn't hard to get there. I started in the theater in New York and I feel like every play I did I had to cry or do an accent--and 8 times a week. So, that was pretty good training. I've never used the peppermint spray that you can ask for on set. And maybe I should have, but I come from that hard headed only do it if it's real sort of mentality. Making yourself cry for projects always demands some kind of new head trick. The same visual or memory only works a couple times at best. So, you have to keep inventing. And sometimes you don't have to do anything. Like when I was doing a lot of plays, your body would get used to that moment that you had repeated dozens of times and it would just happen.

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If only I could get my Schwarzenegger on! I'm just trying to get a passing grade out there--and it TOUGH AS HELL. You know, the camera DOES add 10 pounds and that includes 10 on the gut. YES, I exercise a lot when I know I have to take my shirt off--and by the way, that's the issue. Shirt off or naked--all the same to me. It's the gut. It definitely requires exercise and dieting. Really cutting down the calories. And I don;t even lift weights or do tons of sit-ups. We all have a six pack, it's just about clearing away the fat to see it (not that I was ever fully successful at that). So yes, tons of work to do when you have to be naked and a lot of being "Hangry" (so hungry, you're angry).

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No doubt Channing Tatum is a badass, but of course, YES, I'm a way better choice! I was born right there and all of my family is from Louisiana. I know how to eat and drink there and understand the rhythm of a day and the lilt of the speech. Some things you just have to live in to really know. But hey, respect, I wish him the best. I know he'll kill if he gets it.

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Some of my favorite scenes were the ones where I got to play my brother Tommy. He was sort of the dark side of the family. And had such a specific walk and rhythm of speech. It was fun to do something that was a bit of a stretch for myself.

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I really like to surf. I hate getting up early but that's when the waves are best and traffic is lightest. Saturday I woke up at 3:30 am to get to an out of the way spot before dawn. I know, stupid. I also play music at home--piano, guitar, banjo. I'll try to get my little boys to sing and dance.