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My wife did something similar. Working on your passion as a side gig allows you to grow with less risk. It also gives you an idea of whether your market is there, and allows you to build momentum and get a running start before you quit. It takes a lot of work though.

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In America our IKEAs double as Swedish consulates.

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My father in law was a refrigerator and HVAC repairman in the Navy during Vietnam. He has a Vietnam service medal but doesn’t consider himself a Vietnam veteran, because he never set foot on Vietnamese soil. He stayed on various ships offshore working on maintenance. I think he doesn’t want to conflate his service with the horrors that some faced, but his humble service was a required part of the Navy’s effectiveness in the theater.

I appreciate his humility and the humility of many non-combatant veterans, but their service to our country is also important. Thanks, OP, for making them visible.

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They lost a gauze pad when they were delivering my and my wife's first child. They counted, recounted, went through the trash, and finally found it on the floor under the bed. They were very serious about that goddamn sponge, and there wasn't even an incision. So some hospitals are serious about it.

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It’s not UPS and FedEx that are the issue- they have significantly grown their workforce in my area anyway. It’s amazon itself where the shitty working conditions are happening, which is upsetting because their boss is literally the richest man in the world.

Also we do Amazon Prime not for the 2-day shipping but for the free shipping. You have to keep your eye on prices- sometimes the prime eligible stuff is more expensive- but with the tiniest bit of effort you can save a lot of money on shipping. But we buy 90% of household goods on amazon. It also limits impulse buys as you walk past something in the aisle.