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Wow, I’m going to be that guy, this whole post is a joke. I can’t help it as I do actually shoot for a living(not stock). You don’t have an answer because she has simply posted a few galleries of whatever stuff she has photographed and called herself a professional and posted an ama. The best selling shot all time..$63.

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I had to scroll way down to find that the highest grossing picture is $60 something bucks. This is basically a hobby that has netted a little extra cash. Nothing remotely close to a full time professional. Some advice may be sound but the whole post sure read different to me. I have a hard time caring about advice from a “professional” that has barely made a thousand dollars.

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It’s certainly a challenge. I’m in the portrait business. That, weddings and commercial is the only real place to still do it with the very few exceptions. The few who do landscape stuff are both fantastic photographers and even better marketers.

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Took a while to find this, I was wondering the same. I’m sure unintentional but the whole post came off to me like this is your full time job. Perhaps I’m just dense

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Just read through the front of your site. While I can appreciate wanting to donate everything to the charities you're working for, wouldn't you be better off working on selling some of your work for profit, be it through fine art print sales, art gallery displays, commissions, even stock photos or commercial licensing or whatever it may be? This would allow you to fund more work for other projects and also make a living. I can appreciate how hard photography is to make a living with as I am a professional photographer(though mainly portraits), I just think you might be pigeon holing yourself by not trying to market yourself on a larger scale and then use any success you may have for the great causes you cherish.