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SallylleyA8 karma

Hi Serj… I don´t know any question for you but only there is chance that you will read my little and stupid monologue. xD Serj, I know that this things you hear every day from all fans….I don´t want to look like a fanatic fan but I want to tell you that your songs are absolutely the best, of course, and with these songs you can do better days in the moment for all of us. You and your songs are our reason to live...everybody hopes that he will meet you and take a photo with you but unfortunately, this experiences only one of thousands... and we -the other rest of the people- every your smile to us is the best exp. ever... ...And your charity and activist actions? When is someone so good-natured like you in showbiz- in the World can´t be evil... So...sorry for mistakes (because you can see I can´t speak english so much) :)...so see you on 8/14 in Czech rep. on the Aerodrome festival and I´m going to throw you all –Systems- some little presents - I hope you´ll get it!...thanks for all....and thanks for your time - SallylleyA :)

SallylleyA2 karma

Hi guys! I’m thinking of how to stuff everything I wanted to tell you in last 6 years into a brief short message thru all day and all night. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s possible at all. It’s like you were sitting in front of me and I were trying hard to think of what would I told you. When I see a new photo on instagram, I always try to write something different than the others, something that nobody else ever told you but it’s quite impossible thanks to the number of your fans. Nevertheless, have you ever thought to how many people you changed life? How many people are every day a bit happier when they hear just „…such a lonely day…“ on a radio? When I wake up, I always see the huge poster of you on my wall and I think of what can you do, if you’re fine and I notify that owing to you I have a reason to live. I mean you’re the sense of why should I make an effort to change something better for me but also for the others. I find amazing that thanks to you, we all are just a big family, which can connect together and rejoice in every your success despite the fact everyone is from the different country and the different culture. This fact alone is a contribution to the world. What is more, it’s visible that you love us in the same way we do and you communicate with us, hold us and this is quite rare. Also, I’m fascinated by your enthusiasm for environment and mainly for your struggle for the right of monorities. I appreciate this because I live in a free country. In a free country, where the population by an unlucky accident, voted for a president, who is a total asshole – he was standing totally drunk just above crown jewels and in defiance of inhabitants, he work for Putin. (CZ) Now, 3 days before Shavo’s birthday, I’m celebrating my 20th birthday and in spite the fact that I had some big plans about recording music, I didn’t do anything. I always wanted to make people happy like you, unfortunately this is not possible. So I’m lucky that I can be the one that receive the joy of yours. This fact alone, that you’re reading it makes me a pleasure and if this letter made also a bit pleasure to you – my impossible dream became truth. I’m glad to say that you’re the reason which makes my life superior, because YOU are not only the musical band. You are literally lifestyle… Your SallylleyA or better Lucy S. P.S.: I wish so much I could send you something that I couldn’t throw on a stage….if there’s not the option, never mind. Peace.