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Hi, thanks for the question. We've gotten a lot of positive responses from people concerned about the special treatment Cuban immigrants receive. Many in the Cuban community are upset with the abuses, saying they came to the US to work and build lives here and have never returned to Cuba.

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We contacted all of them yesterday and will be publishing their answers next week.

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Certainly if there's a limited budget, it can. But abuses also jeopardize the whole system. Congress could decide to end the laws that give Cubans special immigration privileges and access to welfare programs.

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My colleagues and I have won a number of national journalism awards. In 2013, the Sun Sentinel won the Pulitzer Prize for public service for an investigation that John Maines and I did documenting South Florida police officers driving at speeds of up to 120 mph while off duty.

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People have strong views on immigration in general. Many people here in Florida, including Cuban exiles whose families came decades ago, would like to see these abuses involving taxpayer money end.