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I was an up and coming knight at the Myrtle Beach Medieval Times, and I can confirm the validity of this statement... Theater girls, even the waitstaff that gets to parade out during the show, all very interested in knight penis.

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Yeah I actually got the job and then two weeks in, when I started training, the lead knight, who we lovingly called 'Monkey' (I swear that's all we called him and I don't even know his real name anymore), had me do that stuff I referenced up there before he put me on a horse. I was a Marine for 4 years before that so I think he did it to appease someone else. Either way, there we go, off to train as the green knight.

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Ha, Really?! That's crazy. Well see now that's a small world. I can't remember the story behind the nick name, but he's a good guy.

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If the ridiculous test you are referring to is sprints and pullups and learning the basic timing that all the fights are based on (that whole step and swing, step and block thing) then that's all they were doing 4 years ago when I started.

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