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Saidur_Ali64 karma

Will the new sound engine make it in time for July update and will the physics engine be further improved to accommodate Nissan's 2020 Vision GT car?

Saidur_Ali3 karma

Thanks for clarification, will the new AI engine be coming in GT7 too and skip GT6?

The car sounds like it will be exciting to drive so look forward to it. I wanted to know also about the car screenshots released, are they are sign of future GT graphics a bit like the end of Acura NSX trailer?

Saidur_Ali1 karma

Hello Kazunori-san

I was wondering regarding GT5 if it is possible to add the seasonal events and museum in an update as offline accessible content and 200% login bonus to be made permanent?

Also is it possible to fix GT5 data transfer issue so replays and pictures carry over to new PS3 rather than being locked to previous console. More detailed update logs would also be appreciated.

Saidur_Ali1 karma

Will difficulty of earlier games return in future GT games, it will be awesome if you could personally set times like before but have an author time to beat? I recently played GT2 and that was much more fun than GT6 due to it being very challenging.

Saidur_Ali1 karma

Is 2015 realistic target for GT7?