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Sean Clayton's nebula marbles and tubing are amazing.

Andy Roth is a badass. He's known in the industry, but I think his work deserves more attention.

Chris Ahalt (cha_glass on ig) makes some sick work.

I'll add more when i think of them

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risky click

Is the T.M.I formula still the standard? ((L*D)+(W/G))/(A2) Length times Diameter plus Weight over Girth divided by Angle of the tip squared

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Be original. You can make klein bubblers or you can create the klein bubbler. The big names in the industry will respect the person who creates it and will gladly work with them. I didn't want to enter the space game doing the same thing as n8 and gateson. I had the idea for the moon tech and went with it.

Also... do what you love. I feel like if you love what you do, it shows in the glass. People can see the love that goes into it.

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Robinhood and myself just won peoples choice at the degenerate flame-off. That was an amazing accomplishment for both of us. Our practice piece took 3-4 days to make and we actually didn't think we would finish in the 10 hour time frame.

dfo piece

edit: also... rampart.

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People have asked why I make space themed glass...

I love life. Not speaking about my life, but the fact that there is life. It's fucking amazing! The most amazing way to appreciate it is by looking at the universe. The smaller and less significant i feel, the more important I think we are. watch this video (please watch it!) That one galaxy has a trillion stars. There are billions of galaxies in the observable universe. That means there are billions of trillions of stars, spread out in distances our brains can't even comprehend. It's estimated that there is at least an equal amount of planets. Reality is so much more amazing than our imaginations. The fact we exist and are capable of understanding how amazing dirt is, is equally as amazing as the dirt we are examining...

-It can take a minimum of 500 years to make one inch of topsoil. - -A tablespoon of soil has more living organisms than there are living people on Earth. -Some of our dirt is stardust, the remains of stars that fall to Earth after they’re caught by gravity, a magnetic force, or some other kind of force field.

So I make glass relating to space because that's what I love. The universe is indescribably amazing. I do have other interests, and will peruse them in glass. As of now, I'm enjoying what I'm creating.