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My asshole clenched at the thought of being violated with a floppy

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Are you and /u/Unidan buddies?

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I think my favorite response of Ken's is the one where he says, in response to "If you are the winner, would you be willing to sit with the Watson designers to improve the machine even further? If so, what would you suggest?"

The Watson team told me two things after the match: that the idea for Watson was born after watching my 2004 streak on Jeopardy, and that they watched LOTS of tape of me while honing its skills. "There's a lot of you in Watson," one guy said. So I already feel like the Dr. Frankenstein here. If it goes amuck and kills humanity and stuff so sorry lolz my bad!

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Very excited for ECS! Any chance we can get support for zipped Dockerfile + context like on Elastic Beanstalk?