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For me it was actually pressing on with my irritated stomach and actually eating meals regularly. My appetite dropped further I went, and my stomach was trolling until the very end.

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Yes, at 96kg and 173cm tall I was considered obese :(

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  1. I took 6-days Lemosho Route to the top. It was actually pretty okay but the summit day and day 2 was brutal.

  2. It costed around $3,200 for trip operator fee + flight, and another $600 for tips and expenses.

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Actually I was very conscious of that injury and thought it might get painful. Thankfully it didn't hurt because everyone in there recommended their clients to go slowly slowly (pole pole in African)! The pain and discomfort didn't kick in due to calm pace.

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I saw strange looking ravenish-felican birds, some monkeys, and plants unique to Kilimanjaro. My guide told me that hyenas appear at night sometimes but I didn't see them which I consider a good thing.