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Mr. Gates -

As someone living below the poverty line it seems like every one of my issues could be fixed by throwing fistfuls of dollars at it. Car repairs, tickets to see my daughter, medical bills. I now spend a probably unhealthy amount of time daydreaming about winning the lottery. I have heard, as I'm sure everyone here has, the saying 'money can't buy happiness,' but it's pretty tough to believe that. Have you had an experience where you truly felt that the saying was justified? What did you do, in that situation, to find happiness?

You're one of the most generous people in the world. Would you say that that is a quality that you have always possessed, or did it grow over the years? If the latter, was there any specific event that kickstarted the change?

You've been making the rounds lately with drinking water again. In addition to that, are there any exciting projects(/charities, campaigns, products, etc.) that we should know about?

Finally, as a fellow Washingtonian, OMG Seahawks, right?! How awesome is this? Have you met Steve Largent? He's been my favorite player since before I knew what football was. Where are your seats for the Super Bowl? How crazy was that comeback against the Packers? Wow.

Anyway, you're a great person. I think the world is truly blessed by the fact that you, of all people, are so incredibly wealthy. So many other people could have this money and wouldn't do even a fraction of the great things you do with it.

Thank you.

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Kevin, I'm a huge fan of yours. Unfortunately I just found out, about 10 minutes ago, that you are doing an AMA and now I can't think of anything good to ask you. I'll just say some random shit and hope it works.

How much of Mewes dialog is ad-libbed, and what's your favorite line that has come out of his mouth ("Count the shells, sucka duck" always gets me for some reason)?

How much time do you spend in Red Bank? I live 2 and a half hours away and made my first trip up there this weekend to visit the Secret Stash. It's a beautiful town.

Did you know Walt Flanagan is a regular guy? He's not an actor or a robot or anything. He even let me touch him!

When will you do another An Evening With?

Will you be my friend?

Okay, that's all from me! Feel free to answer or ignore whichever questions you please. I don't control you.

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You heard it folks. Kevin Smith is my friend. Time to update my résumé!

Thanks, Kevin! You're a great and hilarious guy. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Also, I'm a dude.

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This is all still very recent for you. Without sounding like an idiot, has this situation really struck you yet? Or do you feel like you're still in that twilight period between an event, and the gravity of said event?

Have you started writing any material based on this encounter? If so, I'd assume it trends pretty dark. Do you think you'd actually use it in a set, or is it more of just therapeutic off-loading right now?

Finally, the fact that you were able to talk this roommate out of finishing the job... Do you believe they felt remorse for what they did to you, or did they stop out of fear of the repercussions? Would you pursue a relationship with them going forward? (Albeit a much changed dynamic, obviously)

Glad you are doing better!

Edit: why do I have an award? I have two upvotes...?

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Can confirm. I'm primarily not even remotely geographically close to OP.