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Think of it this way, there's a reason why Jamie posted his disagreements with various Instagram preachers on his personal page instead of on TWLOHA's page. While Jamie, Renee, and I'm sure others are religious and sometimes speak about that, it doesn't mean that being a Christian is a "requirement" to be involved or associated with TWLOHA.

Here's my take:

Religious organization and/or someone at TWLOHA: "This is how god has helped me..."

Random person: "That's cool, but I'm an atheist, so..."

Religious organization: "No really! God can help you too! This is how... :)"


TWLOHA: "That's fair. Your beliefs are valid. Here's the core message and other things that helped. :)"

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I'll try not to be lengthy.

My family has this habit of ignoring mental illness and not talking about it (or feelings in general), or even refusing to believe anyone of us could suffer from depression. After many years (about 10 years at this rate) of trying to tell them (mainly my dad) that I have depression only to be shut down has put a wedge in our relationship. How do I bridge the gap and try and reconnect with people who only hear their own voices and not others? I'm exhausted and honestly close to just giving up on being close with them.

Thank you for everything you do. Been following TWLOHA since 2009 and it's been a lifesaver. 💜

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Wow. Has it really been 5 years since the No One Else Can Play Your Part campaign? I'm wearing the bracelet right now.

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Thank you so much for your reply and for taking the time to hold this AMA. It feels so nice to be heard once in a while.

I've been avoiding it for a while because I'm an anxious mess, but I'll look into counseling at my university.

Hope you're having a lovely day. :)