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It should be pronounced like the number five because that's why he's named Fiver. He was the fifth in his litter. In Lapine it's Hrair-roo, "Little Thousand", because rabbits can't count to five.

(Also, that's how it's pronounced in the movie.)

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Wow, what a great comment. Woodworking has always seemed like a cool, but completely out-of-reach, hobby, but this seems like a great way to get started.

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Yeah I avoid that by adding marshmallow crème ;)

I made up a cool recipe a few years ago: dark chocolate, extra vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, and orange blossom honey. Even though cinnamon and cardamom weren't available to them, I call it Aztec fudge.

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It stands for National Football League. That's American football, of course.

Donovan McNabb played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Philadelphia is an East Coast US city about haflway between New York and Washington, DC. The Eagles are a consistently decent team, but haven't won a national championship since the early 1960s. As the quarterback, McNabb led the team through a string of division and conference championship games, including the 2005 Superbowl (national championship game).

He's a couple months younger than me, and I haven't done any of that shit. I can make a very realistic cricket sound though.

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Do you ever make fudge? What do you think of using marshmallows or marshmallow crème to stabilize a fudge? Is that cheating?