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S_K_Farms3 karma

Dr. Bruce, I am a big fan and have been following your work for some time now, thank you for all you continually do. I've been running a setup for over 3 years now detailing the difference between light spectrum and their genotype changes for certain strains. I had 4 very different light sources in each room, all other variables remained the same (vpd, temp, nutrients, genetics). I was running a few of the same clones in each tent so that I could identify only the changes that occurred from each spectrum (380-740nm). I did this for 7 cycles before i found out the light recipes that worked best for all categories (smell, taste, effect, vigor, bulk).

I found this selected light recipe and tuning has worked best with every cultivar that I have grown since then, and I have changed all my lighting combos. The problem is, no light company has got it right and I have to end up making a combination from 2 different lights and put them on dimmers/timers to mimic the sunrise/sunset effect in nature. My DLI is very close to natures output, and your instruments are the only way I can go beyond PAR and grow without being blind to wavelengths that we do not see.

How hard is it to get the general industry to understand PAR is only a part of the picture, instead of DLI? It seems any time I try to talk to someone about the difference, they shrug off any info because of "blurple" lights, and it gets frustrating. It seems like the industry is stuck in the hps days and they are afraid to change up a working system. Is this something you also notice or battle in the industry?

Also, second part, do you plan on making a light that will offer such range and control?

Thank you for your education and your wonderful instruments that let me see the unseen!


S_K_Farms1 karma

Thank you for your response. This is exactly why I use two different lights in conjunction, blurple + white leds. This allows me the best of both worlds and lets me see the plants to detect any deficiencies or problems. but lets me gain the benefits of the blurple lights that have driven cannabinoid/terpene production.