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Do you feel like youve contributed to fake news?

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What exactly is the lowest common denominator, someone who is susceptible to unfounded claims? Or somebody who just accepts information online and doesn’t do any due diligence to find out whether or not a video was faked? Because that honestly seems like most people to me

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Even though DSM-5 got rid of using the term "Aspergers". Do you think it is okay to still it is okay to apply this term to yourself? I have worked with children and young adults who have been diagnosed with "Aspergers", and they are mentally incapable of learning these social skills, clearly you were. These people do attend different types of therapy and things, however cognitively will never truly learn social skills and cues. So basically what I'm saying is, autism is yes a spectrum, you were probably on the lighter side. So do you think its fair to really title yourself as autistic?

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How can you judge somethings effect on social skills when you have not experienced it yourself? Okay I'm just being difficult, but you should certainly try it in a safe environment with people that you trust. Incase one day you have to vote on the subject you can have a truly informed opinion.