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Holy shit, I worked as as pipe fitter over last summer and remember reading your story on /r/welding or some subreddit like that. I passed the story along to my coworkers and the CEO who promptly ordered 10 new tripod pipestands!

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Michigan(at least SE MI) is a really tough state during downturns. It is almost completely dependant on automotive manufacturing which is very market dependant. This was a part in my deciding to leave the state for a more diverse economy.

If I am correct in assuming you are an engineer or a line operator, I feel for you when it should be easier to find a job!

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Follow-up question on this. I assume government and philanthropic funds are given with the expectation that all findings be open to the public. However, I also assume that funds from media companies are given with the expectation that any finding be exclusively owned by that media company.

Do these opposing interests exist and how do you manage this?

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It's a Boeing internal award. Most large companies have similar awards.

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Another option might be low-cost therapy offered by local colleges and universities.