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Is your ranch in southern Arizona?

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Where was Bill Corbett when the Westfold fell?

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Scottsdale, AZ 1996: My friend and I drove the hour and a half from Tucson just to see you guys. Walking around town before the concert I spotted Andy shopping and thought that was pretty cool. The concert was awesome, and afterwards my friend and I went back to our hotel and had a few beers sitting out on our balcony. There was a bus in the parking lot of the Hotel, and around 2 in the morning I hear yelling coming from down the street. I look and coming down the street I see two naked college girls with two naked dudes who I slowly realize are Ed and Steve. Everyone runs into the bus and a few minutes later Ed and Steve emerge and enter the hotel. I run out of my room, jump into the elevator and the door opens on the lobby to the two of you waiting to go up. I had no pen or paper, so I couldn't get an autograph, but I talked to the two of you all the way back up. I barely remember what was said; some awful fanboy gushing I'm sure, but the both of you really couldn't have been nicer. Anyway, Ed, do you remember this because no one has ever believed either me or my friend when we tell them we saw Barenaked Ladies bare-naked with bare-naked ladies.

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I think that is the one I was thinking of.