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Do you feel that branding both people poeple seeking to end plastic pollution and people seeking to thwart global warming, among other things, as "Environmentalists" might be too vague of an umbrella term and we should try to be more specific about what we're referring to with "environmentalist"? What is the hard and fast term to describe someone who is trying to mitigate the amount of plastic in the ocean anyways?

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Did you find it significantly harder to sign up for businesses who only did online applications (instead of having physical applications) as you didn't have a great connection to the internet?

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Have you ever played a video game with a cooking mechanic/crafting system? If so, what was your favorite portrayal of cooking in a video game?

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The accusation that "They are trying to start another civil war" I have heard be used by both political (extreme) sides and targeted at the other. So which side do you think the statement is more true for?