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Can you provide sources on this? Specifically that she wanted war.

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Can you share more about how your algorithm collects and highlights certain fares? One fare you shared recently, BUD-LAX on AY J has been around for a long time, but you just shared it once a post on FT highlighted it. I've noticed this pattern a lot, although do find things you've posted that haven't been posted elsewhere. Do you browse FT and other forums / websites / groups to find fares your algorithm missed? If so, what work is being done so you are able to find and highlight these fares first?

Additionally, could you help explain the process of combing through a seemingly infinite amount of filed fares between so many city pairs for so many dates and then determining if they are noteworthy? I enjoy looking at fares in EF, having a read through the fare rules, and tinkering around to see what I can build on ITA Matrix but it is a laborious process! Are there any premium fare deals that seem to be recurring that you regularly jump on when they come back around?