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Hank, which Simpsons character would you say closely reflects your true personality? (Ten bucks Professor Frink)

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Thank you for your hard work. I’m sure you all have become eye rolling experts in a lot of conversations on this topic!

My question: how are you addressing long term risks for potential reproductive side effects? My fiancée is a nurse, who will likely have mandatory vaccination. This this a non-issue or a calculated risk?

Keep on being badasses.

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Describe your single, "Fuck Around (All Night)" in 3 words.

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Thanks for the reply! Good to hear about passing onto next gen - what about negative risks for me or her to have kids. Is that what is being closely monitored, and if so, how do you monitor something like that long term when it’ll be such a wide distribution. Thanks again!

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My only (crappy) solution: https://www.wildwaterfun.com/