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Paging /u/awildsketchappeared and /u/shitty_watercolour

Jamie Hyneman in the Zombie appocalypse... cmon guys. We need you.

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Holy crap... Jason Alexander literally fell out of that bench, and rolled on the floor laughing.

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One of my favorite books as a kid, it's very short (think the length of a Dr. Seuss book,) if you wanna take a peek. The book aims to teach children about the value that nature's bounty, hard work, and gardening can bring to your life.

The super short synopsis is: A man who lives in the country with no car or telephone runs out of food, so he goes out for a walk and discovers all sorts of wonderful foods. He fishes and forages and creates himself a fantastic meal with fresh ingredients better than any he'd cooked for himself before. Eventually the friend of his who normally brings his food returns and he gets the friend to bring him seeds so he can grow his own garden and be further self-reliant for his food.

Basically what I'm getting at is you're the man who cooked for himself! Pretty cool.

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Neat project. Any chance you've ever heard of a children's book called "The Man Who Cooked For Himself"?