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When I was in highschool, our apartment building started to get an infestation. At first I did basically the same thing, since I literally didn't know what they were. But, by the time my dad and I realized the problem it was too late... Plus, our building was likely infested in its entirety so we wouldn't be able to do much to deal with the problem; so we moved, put all of our belongings (except for some clothes that we washed, dried, and left baking in a hot car at ~150° for a week) in storage with borders of Diatomaceous Earth to keep them trapped for over a year.
We came back for them a year later, and everything was clear; took all of our belongings back and haven't seen a bed bug since... And I hope it stays that way, that is not something I want to relive.

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When there's a fire/accident/crime on/near a major road do you receive several dozen calls for it? How do you handle that, as in do you tell them that there are units responding and try to free up the line as quickly as possible or do you continue to ask them for information?

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Diatomaceous Earth (a mineral dust) is something my dad and I used when our apartment building was infested. The dust is razor-sharp on a microscopic level, and supposedly cuts them open and kills them when they try to cross it. This is not a perfect strategy, and will not solve the problem, it will at best slow/stop the spread.
edit: Apparently if applied liberally, it can even end the problem; but we weren't willing to cover our entire home in the stuff. Also, I was a little bit off on how it works, it's not a razor type deal it dries out their undersides and causes their skins to crack... Same end result though, their insides become outsides.

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We send law enforcement :)

I feel like you need a more sinister face there...

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You stated that you're on the autism spectrum, mind if I ask how that affects your life?
I'm fortunate enough to only be on the extremely mild side, I mostly just miss social context and non-verbal cues. Often times when people hear autism, they just to the extreme end where an effected individual is pretty much non-verbal.
What types of obstacles does ASD present to you? How do you overcome them, especially in conjunction with the other conditions you mentioned?