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I'd just like to applaud both Chris and Nat (and the other writers in the background) for their work on the style and substance of the world.

The world you've made in Kenshi is enticing and vibrant. You give enough information to base off of and allow the player to fill in the blanks with their own preferred head canon.

I cannot wait to find out Kenshi 2 and any future projects you do, within or outside of the Kenshi world.


Can I ask if you have considered branching off the current world Kenshi is set on perhaps after Kenshi 2 or will you stick with the same world? Was Kenshi 2 being set 1000 years in the past your first choice or did you consider other possibilities too?

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I suppose Beep is easy to reach and all while the Crab Tournament you gotta base all the way in the south east.

The Dialogue system is fun to work with though. I'm looking to get back into continueing my dialogue project for the amazing world you've built.

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Oh I've read those, I find them hilarious and funny. Though mostly because I've gone through a lot of the dialogue in FCS. My mod is currently in the process of giving unique dialogue to as many shops as possible and I hope to live up to the quality you've written elsewhere.