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In your view, how has the employee culture and attitude changed in the wake of the very high profile negative press Reddit has received via the /u/violentacrez affair, the /r/findbostonbombers debacle, and the recent seddit kickstarter controversies (and others)? Are there any clear, overt indications or movements or pressures by Reddit (big-R) to deal with these types of things before they arise?

How do you feel these types of events have changed the communities themselves as Reddit grows and changes (from the good ol days)?

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I gotta say, the transparency in my donation calculations was really really great. I appreciated knowing all of those little additional costs that contribute to overhead, taxes, other fees. Actually seeing those breakdowns reassured me greatly.

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definitely want verification.

Love this story. Was there any object you traded that you really were fond of and would have kept, if you couldn't have traded it up? Any objects that you felt were made better strictly because of their connection to your trade that were interesting?

First time you really felt like this insane project might actually work? first time you felt like a complete fucking fool?

Edit: Okay. So, I have long ago decided I completely believe this guy is the red paperclip guy. Actually, his first response to my question was enough, but he continues to provide awesome and hilarious proof. Don't worry about more, kyle- we cool. You're in the clear!

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Different take on this AMA for me:

What are some of Mr. Dirda's "favorite" adaptations to Film (or TV?) What makes a good adaptation?


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Well, I mean, I believe you, but what can I say... that number when I dialed it was busy, so...

You want a magically sparkly ("gold star")[http://www.reddit.com/help/faqs/iama#GoldStars] which you get by sending a PM message to one of the IamA moderators at the right of this page, but more specifically, to ALL of them, so they know you're serious and really really real. Everybody wants god stars. Gold stars are nice- they remind you of all of your value as a human person.

Thanks for your response. The alice cooper thing was among the wildest- but I have to say, every step on the blog was a strange little upward turn. Good work.

And that photo... truly truly foolish. I'm surprised the Chinese even considered you.

No, I'm not surprised at all.