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Hey Will! I was that girl who screamed "YOU WERE AMAZING" while you were crossing the street outside the New Beverly last month. I wanted to talk to you after the Q&A for Nebraska but chickened out like I often do.

If it's not too personal, I'm interested in knowing if your role in Nebraska impacted the relationship between you and your own father at all. After watching the film, I certainly felt like giving a call to my dad (who's about as stubborn as Bruce Dern's character) just to see how he was doing.

Big fan of your SNL work and appearances on Tim & Eric Awesome Show too!

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What does Gosling smell like?

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That's the thing he's sensitive about!

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Question for both: Which are your respective favorite and least favorite films featured in the series?

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You're the Worst (wonderful show on FX) parodied McKamey Manor on the episode Spooky Sunday Funday.

Have you seen it? Any thoughts?