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Huge fan, Mr. Bastian. I was walking up 4th Ave one day - I think it was near 12th Street... wherever that Best Buy is. I saw you, excused myself, and had a very brief conversation with you. You were kind, humble and gracious. I admit I was a little tongue-tied and felt a little silly.

I just wanted to say thanks for being such a nice person, and thanks for helping be part of a 'new world order' where men can dress nicely and fashionably and not be looked at strangely... except out here in Vancouver, where it seems dressing like a total slob is "in".

I just wish I had been wearing something a little nicer that day. ;)

As far as a question: how often do you spend time online - lurking around? Any favourite Tumblr's? Any fashion subreddits you like?

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Why do you think Vancouver won't embrace much-needed densification (aka more high rises) and just flood the market with supply?