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How many men did you typically work with and what was the chain of command like? Sorry I'm ignorant about military, just curious what the infrastructure of your team was like, if you're able to comment on it.

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It's crazy to me that you would do these things with a team of 6. How much training did you have previous to your deployment with SF? How difficult was it? How did you approach the target area and escape (means of transportation)?

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Have you conducted missions in highly populated areas? How did you handle noncombatants?

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Hi thanks for doing this AMA. How do you deal with hardcore climate deniers? My stepdad believes that climate change is basically fueled by mass hysteria in the academic world, inaccurate models, and dishonesty. He's very right leaning and likes to follow guys like Ivar Giaever and William Happer. He always cites the same article that tries to show that there was no climate change parallel with the dawn of industry and insists that the whole thing is a hoax. I don't know how to converse with him on the subject.