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As a child, my pastor explained to our youth group that Christian holidays were intentionally associated with pagan traditions as Christianity emerged as a means for the early church leaders to influence people to follow this new religion.

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Why is there little to no emphasis placed in learning the historicity of the Bible? Because it is so difficult to corroborate? I’ve found much comfort in my faith understanding more of the “whys” in the Bible in a historical sense, rather than in a divine sense, so to speak.

And thank you for doing this. Anyone saying your answers are cop-outs will never be satisfied.

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Yes and no. Of course it would be wise to remove any potential triggers from your son’s life, but it’s not such a black and white issue as, “video games make my son angry.” They may contribute, but it’s more likely a more complex situation. I am just speaking from my own experience as a neurodivergent gamer with anger issues.

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I think the journal is a wonderful idea! I’ve found that many outbursts of mine happen when I am “passionate” about something (to put it nicely! I can be manic) and don’t get the proper outlet to express it. This energy just gets recycled into a different situation and tends to manifest as misdirected anger. I am a biiiig advocate of any form of self-expression, even if it’s not in a traditionally creative way, as I find that any type of emotional repression, big or small, will eventually manifest as anger. Find multiple ways to channel that “passion.”

Again I am speaking purely from personal experience, and I greatly appreciate your willingness to listen!