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Rufio and tinkerbelle eh?

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we love American monies*

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How do you explain your parties decline in popularity following the coalition government you had with the conservatives?
The Tories are terrible, but opposition from Corbins lot and yourselves is weak..do you foresee any significant change in the near future?

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Hey! You made our year with that e3 announcement, thank you sir and congratulations.
My questions
1, did you see a black car?
2, do you know where sailors hang out?
3, will we be getting the same voice cast?
You legend.

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Hello Joe! Welcome to reddit, my question; do you think that no matter how good cgi looks on film, will it always look dated at some point in the future or do you think we will eventually reach a point where we won't be able to tell what's real or what's not on film?