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A friend of mine claims you can get screwed on this, but I don't know if I believe him

Supposedly if you're flying from NYC to Dallas and use this to get a flight that goes from NYC to las Vegas (with a hidden city of Dallas), the hidden city could switch at the last minute from Dallas to Chicago!

Possible? Or an urban legend? This is the only thing keeping me from using this service

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Flash is also on its way out, so I suppose while disgruntled they knew it would happen eventually

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Math is a thousand times more fun if you understand the why. Trigonometry was my favorite because the why was clear- figure out the distance between these points, or the angle you'd have to walk to get somewhere, etc etc

I didn't enjoy differential equations all that much because we were just rushed to memorize a bunch of patterns without any context. However, I went and learned it a bit on my own later, and it was super fun

My least favorite was learning matrices, because nobody ever explained what they really were, why they were useful or how they were invented/discovered- just how I was supposed to multiply them

Math is about the steady progression of one proof to the next, and everything makes perfect sense because it is pure logic. When people start needing to memorize equations without understanding the 'why' or 'how', that isn't math

Basically, if we can recreate the discovery process in the classroom, that's the ideal. Going backwards- that is, just memorizing the results of proofs without understanding the steps it took to prove it- makes students eyes glaze over

Thanks for letting me piggy back my rant!

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I thought you were supposed to definitively prove someone was guilty in a criminal case like this- innocent until proven guilty.

Now, I'm not necessarily trusting that video 100%, but if it is correct how can you possibly convict someone purely based on the 'he said, she said' testimony of the actual, admitted murderer?

In a civil case, maybe (see oj Simpson). But this?

Or the death penalty for not tipping the police off on something that already happened? What the heck

I'm probably misinformed or interpreted the video incorrectly, but damn

edit: I guess I should've known the video was intentionally neglecting to share information counterproductive to their cause