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An extreme lack of confidence along with mindset (internal struggles, barriers, self-doubt, self-sabotaging, overthinking, etc)

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Small random little habits. From leaving cabinets doors open, taking too long of naps, forgetting to send a "good morning" text

It's small habits or action that can mean a lot to another person -- but the partner doesn't know. And it somehow leads to a bigger argument about other topics.

People, after, think "are we crazy?" but it's quite normal to find yourself in a huge fight starting from something so small

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I used to say "opposite attract....then attack" haha

If two people are completely opposite, it's their high attraction towards each other that keeps them together, but I do not hear as much easy harmony happening. It's not typically an easy road.

Definitely, a high chance of success is when couples share similar beliefs, values, and lifestyle.

The top qualities that makes a couple long-lasting? Adaptability and Understanding.

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Honestly, they don't like it and will find any opportunity to slide in "soo....you should get a real job" haha

It's a topic that isn't brought up. It's mostly my parents and elders. The younger generation of my family, of course, are extremely supportive.

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There's never a "good" way to break up as it always will bring out some sort of negative emotion. HOWEVER, it's best to do it as soon as you know it won't work for you because I always say "short term pain for long term gain"

What matters for break ups is to be honest. Even though it may hurt, people will appreciate the honesty. It'll help them overcome it faster, rather than wondering "why?" Let's just keep it real!

To answer specifically:

1-2 dates: A simple straight forward text of "I don't see this working out for us" will do

Few weeks: depending on how serious you dated , a phone call or an in person explanation works. Some have even done text and that works ! You'd just have to gage the relationship so far

Months: An in person meeting explanation of your choice to walk away from the relationship.