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My 11 year old son has a disorder called eosinophilic esophagitis. It causes pain and swelling in his esophagus due to misbehaving eosinophils. Because of this, he is on a very limited diet and drinks a formula called Elecare to replace his calories and proteins. He has 17 safe foods, and has an anaphylactic milk allergy.

As an older kid with similar issues, what advice can you give my son on how to handle life with so many allergies?

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Thank you! He’s actually 11 today!!! I’ll pass on that advice to him. I knew it was Elecare by the back of the can :) Look at it long enough and you just know. He’s been drinking it/ g tubing it since was 8 mos old.

Have they ever talked about feeding tubes with you? Also, have you tried the flavoured Elecare or the flavoured neocate?

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He has some intolerances too - and Fructose malabsorption disorder. It’s a shame you haven’t had the flavours. If your specialist ever talks about trying it, you should. It’s some variety in the boring life you have food wise.

I’ll pass the wishes on for sure!

Thank you for your answers. It’s a tough life and I know, for my son, it isn’t going to get easier. Any advice on how he can cope with his life as he gets older is great.

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My younger sister wants to do what you do. She is graduating high school this year and will be going to college in September. What advice can you give her for the future?

Also, what is your favourite colour m&m?

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Again, thank you! I wish you luck in your life. Stand strong, and live without fear.