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Do you own any gamestop shares?

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What's sustainable about producing and selling clothing? I'd say a large proportion of the clothing market is unnecessary and any additional players to the market is just further inflating the problem.

What I mean by this is most adults will have a wardrobe full of clothes. For the normal geezer clothes last a long time, I'm not a fashion guy and only buy a few garments every few years.

Fair enough, people like to treat themselves. I have some friends who, in my eyes, wouldn't need to buy clothes ever again and I'd still see them with something new on after 10 years.

Tldr I dont think fashion and sustainable can both be used as a sales pitch

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I currently work split shifts so I dont get a full night sleep, rather 5 or 6 hours then a 1 or 2 hour top up nap in the afternoon.

What's your thoughts on splitting your sleep like this? Is it any more detrimental to ones health if this sleep pattern continues for months?

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Do you go on the haunted line?

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How easy is it to get into?

I have an arduino and like collecting simple data like composition of air in my bedroom each night. So I have all this data, is there anything machine learning can do for me regarding this data?