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What is one thing that every passenger car could do to make your job on the road easier?

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What are you F'n crazy?

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There are unforeseen costs when you own a home. If you are renting and the water heater goes out, you call your landlord and they fix it. Doesn't cost you anything as a renter. Roof, windows, electric, plumbing, etc. These are all very expensive when a problem comes up. And eventually every home built will need some type of maintenance work.

People do not account for these things when they are budgeting for a home. Do you save an extra couple hundred of dollars each month for an emergency fund? Or have one in place before you purchase? Most people spend everything they have to purchase a home and don't budget for any repairs. This is just one reason.

Most lenders will allow you to go up to 43% debt to income ratio, on your gross pay. So if you make $5000 per month, you can have total monthly expense up to $2150. Monthly expenses that are included in this ratio are installment debt (loans), revolving debt (credit cards). These figures don't calculate food, gas, entertainment, healthcare, electric, water, or any other monthly cost.

FHA and VA loans will allow you to go to a higher DTI.

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Is there anything that is off limits in your comedy? Anything that you won't talk about?

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Alyssa, when you were working on Who's the Boss did you ever get to touch Tony Danza's hair? If so, how did it feel?

I know this is not a relevant question to your current project that you are promoting but I've always wondered this and this may be my only shot to have this question answered.