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Do you get money every time the RawDog comedy station on Sirius plays one of your bits? If so is it cents?

How do you feel about ticket masters attempt to make it illegal for you and other likes you to sell your own tickets to your own shows?

edit: it's Stubhub http://www.reddit.com/r/entertainment/comments/1bty7n/california_ab_329_new_law_that_would_make_louis/

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Please don't tell me that your "version for him" was the exact same game with the same keys except the guy only has one arm...

Edit: i've never received so much comment karma before. Thanks, everyone.

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it would have been awesome...for about a second. Which is a lot in QWOP

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they mentioned Jon Lovitz on the most recent episode of HBO. They spoke about how he doesn't know how to use youtube or start a youtube channel and talked about donating the most so that they can rename his club

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hey in Open Face Chinese....

If you have AsAKsQ9s, and you're first to act, how do you place them? and what are your reasons?

What about As,Ac, 2d3d9d first to act?