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If you initiate the contact, does that make it more difficult to get a conviction? How does that work with the legality of it all?

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I had a flight two weeks ago, and my seat was next to a heavy guy who spilled over to my space, even when I scrunched my shoulders in and leaned away he was still touching me. Is there anything I could do ask of the flight crew if that happens again?

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Poland was surprise attacked on two fronts, had a much inferior military, and held their ground longer than France did (who had the Maginot line, time to prepare and British help).

Says a lot about the Polish resistance.

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How many views are you getting a month? Because it seems you should be making considerably more than that if you're pulling 30-50,000 views a month unless your network is completely ripping you off.

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You could apply for a youtube partnership without a network. I agree, at this point networks generally are not needed unless they offer some supreme benefits for people with large channels. In any case, I do not know your contract but if you can get out from it, you will probably be making at least double what you are now.